Richard Chenevix Trench

Here you will find the Poem The Onward Course of poet Richard Chenevix Trench

The Onward Course

Our course is onward, onward into light: 
What though the darkness gathereth amain, 
Yet to return or tarry both are vain. 
How tarry, when around us is thick night? 
Whither return? what flower yet ever might, 
In days of gloom and cold and stormy rain, 
Enclose itself in its green bud again, 
Hiding from wrath of tempest out of sight? 

Courage--we travel through a darksome cave; 
But still as nearer to the light we draw, 
Fresh gales will reach us from the upper air 
And wholesome dews of heaven our foreheads lave, 
The darkness lighten more, till full of awe 
We stand in the open sunshine unaware.