Richard Lovelace

Here you will find the Poem A Black Patch On Lucasta's Face of poet Richard Lovelace

A Black Patch On Lucasta's Face

Dull as I was, to think that a court fly
 Presum'd so neer her eye;
 When 'twas th' industrious bee
 Mistook her glorious face for paradise,
To summe up all his chymistry of spice;
 With a brave pride and honour led,
 Neer both her suns he makes his bed,
And, though a spark, struggles to rise as red.
 Then aemulates the gay
 Daughter of day;
 Acts the romantick phoenix' fate,
 When now, with all his sweets lay'd out in state,
 LUCASTA scatters but one heat,
And all the aromatick pills do sweat,
And gums calcin'd themselves to powder beat,
 Which a fresh gale of air
 Conveys into her hair;
 Then chaft, he's set on fire,
And in these holy flames doth glad expire;
 And that black marble tablet there
 So neer her either sphere
 Was plac'd; nor foyl, nor ornament,
But the sweet little bee's large monument.