Richard Lovelace

Here you will find the Poem Love Conquer'd of poet Richard Lovelace

Love Conquer'd

The childish god of love did sweare
 Thus: By my awfull bow and quiver,
Yon' weeping, kissing, smiling pair,
I'le scatter all their vowes i' th' ayr,
 And their knit imbraces shiver.

Up then to th' head with his best art
 Full of spite and envy blowne,
At her constant marble heart,
He drawes his swiftest surest dart,
 Which bounded back, and hit his owne.

Now the prince of fires burnes;
 Flames in the luster of her eyes;
Triumphant she, refuses, scornes;
He submits, adores and mournes,
 And is his votresse sacrifice.

Foolish boy! resolve me now
 What 'tis to sigh and not be heard?
He weeping kneel'd, and made a vow:
The world shall love as yon' fast two;
 So on his sing'd wings up he steer'd.