Richard Lovelace

Here you will find the Poem Lucasta's World of poet Richard Lovelace

Lucasta's World


Cold as the breath of winds that blow 
To silver shot descending snow, 
Lucasta sigh't; when she did close 
The world in frosty chaines! 
And then a frowne to rubies frose 
The blood boyl'd in our veines: 
Yet cooled not the heat her sphere 
Of beauties first had kindled there.


Then mov'd, and with a suddaine flame 
Impatient to melt all againe, 
Straight from her eyes she lightning hurl'd, 
And earth in ashes mournes; 
The sun his blaze denies the world, 
And in her luster burnes: 
Yet warmed not the hearts, her nice 
Disdaine had first congeal'd to ice.


And now her teares nor griev'd desire 
Can quench this raging, pleasing fire; 
Fate but one way allowes; behold 
Her smiles' divinity! 
They fann'd this heat, and thaw'd that cold, 
So fram'd up a new sky. 
Thus earth, from flames and ice repreev'd, 
E're since hath in her sun-shine liv'd.