Richard Lovelace

Here you will find the Poem To Lucasta, Like the Sentinel Stars of poet Richard Lovelace

To Lucasta, Like the Sentinel Stars


Like to the sent'nel stars, I watch all night; 
For still the grand round of your light 
And glorious breast 
Awake in me an east: 
Nor will my rolling eyes ere know a west.


Now on my down I'm toss'd as on a wave, 
And my repose is made my grave; 
Fluttering I lye, 
Do beat my self and dye, 
But for a resurrection from your eye.


Ah, my fair murdresse! dost thou cruelly heal 
With various pains to make me well? 
Then let me be 
Thy cut anatomie, 
And in each mangled part my heart you'l see.