Richard Lovelace

Here you will find the Poem Valiant Love of poet Richard Lovelace

Valiant Love

Now fie upon that everlasting life! I dye!
 She hates! Ah me! It makes me mad;
As if love fir'd his torch at a moist eye,
 Or with his joyes e're crown'd the sad.
Oh, let me live and shout, when I fall on;
 Let me ev'n triumph in the first attempt!
 Loves duellist from conquest 's not exempt,
When his fair murdresse shall not gain one groan,
And he expire ev'n in ovation.

Let me make my approach, when I lye downe
 With counter-wrought and travers eyes;
With peals of confidence batter the towne;
 Had ever beggar yet the keyes?
No, I will vary stormes with sun and winde;
 Be rough, and offer calme condition;
 March in and pread, or starve the garrison.
Let her make sallies hourely: yet I'le find
(Though all beat of) shee's to be undermin'd.

Then may it please your little excellence
 Of hearts t' ordaine, by sound of lips,
That henceforth none in tears dare love comence
 (Her thoughts ith' full, his, in th' eclipse);
On paine of having 's launce broke on her bed,
 That he be branded all free beauties' slave,
 And his own hollow eyes be domb'd his grave:
Since in your hoast that coward nere was fed,
Who to his prostrate ere was prostrated.