Robert Browning

Here you will find the Poem Earth's Immortalities of poet Robert Browning

Earth's Immortalities


See, as the prettiest graves will do in time,
Our poet's wants the freshness of its prime;
Spite of the sexton's browsing horse, the sods
Have struggled through its binding osier rods;
Headstone and half-sunk footstone lean awry,
Wanting the brick-work promised by-and-by;
How the minute grey lichens, plate o'er plate,
Have softened down the crisp-cut name and date!


So, the year's done with
 (_Love me for ever!_)
All March begun with,
 April's endeavour;
May-wreaths that bound me
 June needs must sever;
Now snows fall round me,
 Quenching June's fever---
 (_Love me for ever!_)