Robert Fuller Murray

Here you will find the Poem In Time of Doubt of poet Robert Fuller Murray

In Time of Doubt

`In the shadow of Thy wings, O Lord of Hosts, whom I extol,
I will put my trust for ever,'so the kingly David sings.
`Thou shalt help me, Thou shalt save me, only
Thou shalt keep me whole,
In the shadow of Thy wings.'

In our ears this voice triumphant, like a blowing trumpet, rings,
But our hearts have heard another, as of funeral bells that toll,
`God of David where to find Thee?'No reply the question brings.

Shadows are there overhead, but they are of the clouds that roll,
Blotting out the sun from sight, and overwhelming earthly things.
Oh, that we might feel Thy presence! Surely we could rest our soul
In the shadow of Thy wings.