Robert Southey

Here you will find the Poem Ariste of poet Robert Southey


Let ancient stories round the painter's art, 
Who stole from many a maid his Venus' charms, 
Till warm devotion fired each gazer's heart 
And every bosom bounded with alarms. 
He culled the beauties of his native isle, 
From some the blush of beauty's vermeil dyes, 
From some the lovely look, the winning smile, 
From some the languid lustre of the eyes. 

Low to the finished form the nations round 
In adoration bent the pious knee; 
With myrtle wreaths the artist's brow they crowned, 
Whose skill, Ariste, only imaged thee. 
Ill-fated artist, doomed so wide to seek 
The charms that blossom on Ariste's cheek!