Robert Southey

Here you will find the Poem Sonnet 02 of poet Robert Southey

Sonnet 02

Think Valentine, as speeding on thy way
 Homeward thou hastest light of heart along,
 If heavily creep on one little day
 The medley crew of travellers among,
 Think on thine absent friend: reflect that here
 On Life's sad journey comfortless he roves,
 Remote from every scene his heart holds dear,
 From him he values, and from her he loves.
 And when disgusted with the vain and dull
 Whom chance companions of thy way may doom,
 Thy mind, of each domestic comfort full,
 Turns to itself and meditates on home,
 Ah think what Cares must ache within his breast
Who loaths the lingering road, yet has no home of rest!