Robert William Service

Here you will find the Poem Armistice Day (1953) of poet Robert William Service

Armistice Day (1953)

Don't jeer because we celebrate
 Armistice Day,
Though thirty years of sorry fate
 Have passed away.
Though still we gaurd the Sacred Flame,
 And fly the Flag,
That World War Two with grief and shame
 Revealed--a rag.
For France cannot defend to-day
 Her native land;
And she is far to proud to pray
 For helping hand.
Aye, though she stands amid the Free,
 In love with life,
No more her soil will shambles be
 In world-war strife.

Still we who tend the deathless Flame
 Of Verdun speak;
It is our glory and our shame,
 For we are weak.
We have too much of blood and blight
 To answer for . . .
No, France will never, never fight
 Another war!