Robert William Service

Here you will find the Poem The Silent Ones of poet Robert William Service

The Silent Ones

I'm just an ordinary chap
 Who comes home to his tea,
And mostly I don't care a rap
 What people think of me;
I do my job and take my pay,
 And love of peace expound;
But as I go my patient way,
 --Don't push me round.
Though I respect authority
 And order never flout,
When Law and Justice disagree
 You can include me out.
The Welfare State I tolerate
 If it is kept in bound,
But if you wish to rouse my hate
 --Just push me round.

And that's the way with lots of us:
 We want to feel we're free;
So labour governments we cuss
 And mock at monarchy.
Yea, we are men of secret mirth,
 And fury seldom sound;
But if you value peace on earth
 --Don't push us round.