Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Here you will find the Poem About The Nightingale of poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge

About The Nightingale

From a letter from STC to Wordsworth after writing The Nightingale:

 In stale blank verse a subject stale
 I send per post my Nightingale;
 And like an honest bard, dear Wordsworth,
 You'll tell me what you think, my Bird's worth.
 My own opinion's briefly this--
 His bill he opens not amiss;
 And when he has sung a stave or so,
 His breast, & some small space below,
 So throbs & swells, that you might swear
 No vulgar music's working there.
 So far, so good; but then, 'od rot him!
 There's something falls off at his bottom.
 Yet, sure, no wonder it should breed,
 That my Bird's Tail's a tail indeed
 And makes it's own inglorious harmony
 Æolio crepitû, non carmine.