Sant Surdas

Here you will find the Poem The First Meeting Of Radha And Krishna of poet Sant Surdas

The First Meeting Of Radha And Krishna

Krishna went playing in the lanes of Braj, 
a yellow silk garment round his waist, 
holding a top and a string to spin it with, 
a crown of peacock-feathers adorning his head 
his ears with charming ear-rings decked, 
his teeth flashing brighter than the sun's rays, 
his limbs anointed with sandalwood-paste.

On the Yamuna bank he chanced to see Radha; 
a tika mark of turmeric on her brow, 
dressed in a flowing skirt and blue blouse, 
her lovely long wreathed hair dangling behind, 
a stripling, fair, of beauty unsurpassed 
with he a bevy of fair milkmaids:

Krishna's eyes met her's; 
love woke in his heart, 
says Suradasa, bewitched by her, 
he gazed and gazed.