Sara Teasdale

Here you will find the Poem A Ballad of the Two Knights of poet Sara Teasdale

A Ballad of the Two Knights

Two knights rode forth at early dawn 
A-seeking maids to wed, 
Said one, "My lady must be fair, 
With gold hair on her head."

Then spake the other knight-at-arms: 
"I care not for her face, 
But she I love must be a dove 
For purity and grace."

And each knight blew upon his horn 
And went his separate way, 
And each knight found a lady-love 
Before the fall of day.

But she was brown who should have had 
The shining yellow hair -- 
I ween the knights forgot their words 
Or else they ceased to care.

For he who wanted purity 
Brought home a wanton wild, 
And when each saw the other knight 
I ween that each knight smiled.