Stephen Maria Crane

Here you will find the Poem Blustering God, of poet Stephen Maria Crane

Blustering God,


Blustering God, 
Stamping across the sky 
With loud swagger, 
I fear You not. 
No, though from Your highest heaven 
You plunge Your spear at my heart, 
I fear You not. 
No, not if the blow 
Is as the lightning blasting a tree, 
I fear You not, puffing braggart. 


If Thou canst see into my heart 
That I fear Thee not, 
Thou wilt see why I fear Thee not, 
And why it is right. 
So threaten not, Thou, with Thy bloody spears, 
Else Thy sublime ears shall hear curses. 


Withal, there is One whom I fear: 
I fear to see grief upon that face. 
Perchance, friend, He is not your God; 
If so, spit upon Him. 
By it you will do no profanity. 
But I -- 
Ah, sooner would I die 
Than see tears in those eyes of my soul.