Stephen Maria Crane

Here you will find the Poem God Fashioned the Ship of the World of poet Stephen Maria Crane

God Fashioned the Ship of the World

God fashioned the ship of the world carefully. 
With the infinite skill of an All-Master 
Made He the hull and the sails, 
Held He the rudder 
Ready for adjustment. 
Erect stood He, scanning His work proudly. 
Then -- at fateful time -- a wrong called, 
And God turned, heeding. 
Lo, the ship, at this opportunity, slipped slyly, 
Making cunning noiseless travel down the ways. 
So that, forever rudderless, it went upon the seas 
Going ridiculous voyages, 
Making quaint progress, 
Turning as with serious purpose 
Before stupid winds. 
And there were many in the sky 
Who laughed at this thing.