Thibaut de Champagne

Here you will find the Poem Mercy, my lady! One thing I ask you, of poet Thibaut de Champagne

Mercy, my lady! One thing I ask you,

`Mercy, my lady! One thing I ask you,
As God may bless you, answer me fairly:
When you are dead, and I ? for it?s true
After you there can be no life for me ?
What of Love, without our company?
For there?s such wisdom and worth in you
And I love so: after us, He?ll not be.?

`Before God, Thibaut, I judge it true
No one?s death ever killed Love. I see
You mean perhaps to mock me too,
Since you don?t seem wasted much to me.
When we?re dead (Long may our lives be!)
I?m sure Love will suffer a pang or two,
But Love?s worth holds for eternity.?

`Lady, you mustn?t merely imagine
But know in your heart I love you deeply.
That is why I have put on flesh again,
This joy makes me love myself more dearly:
For God never made a creature so lovely
As you, but it makes me fear that when
We die it will end all Love completely.?

`Thibaut, silence! No one should begin
A discussion developed so foolishly.
It?s only your means of softening
My heart, when you?ve already beguiled me.
I don?t say I hate you, certainly,
But if Love?s fate?s left for me to sing,
He would still be served honourably.?

`Lady God grant that you judge aright
And see the ills that you make me suffer:
Since I well know, that if die I might,
Whatever the judgement Love will wither,
If you, Lady, don?t keep him together,
In the place he has always occupied:
To your wisdom aspires no other.?

`Thibaut, if Love is making you suffer,
For me, don?t regret it, if I love ever,
Mine is a heart that will fail you never.?