Thomas Bailey Aldrich

Here you will find the Poem L'Eau Dormante of poet Thomas Bailey Aldrich

L'Eau Dormante

Curled up and sitting on her feet. 
Within the window's deep embrasure, 
Is Lydia; and across the street, 
A lad, with eyes of roguish azure, 
Watches her buried in her book. 
In vain he tries to win a look, 
And from the trellis over there 
Blows sundry kisses through the air, 
Which miss the mark, and fall unseen, 
Uncared for. Lydia is thirteen.

My lad, if you, without abuse, 
Will take advise from one who's wiser, 
And put his wisdom to more use 
Than ever yet did your adviser; 
If you will let, as none will do, 
Another's heartbreak serve for two, 
You'll have a care, some four years hence, 
How you lounge there by yonder fence 
And blow those kisses through that screen-- 
For Lydia will be seventeen.