Thomas Campbell

Here you will find the Poem Adelgitha of poet Thomas Campbell


The ordeal's fatal trumpet sounded,
 And sad pale Adelgitha came,
 When forth a valiant champion bounded,
 And slew the slanderer of her fame. 
 She wept, delivered from her danger;
 But when he knelt to claim her glove-
 "Seek not!" she cried, "oh, gallant stranger,
 For hapless Adelgitha's love.

 For he is dead and in a foreign land
 Whose arm should now have set me free;
 And I must wear the willow garland
 For him that's dead, or false to me."

 "Nay! say not that his faith is tainted!"-
 He raised his visor.-At the sight
 She fell into his arms and fainted;
 It was indeed her one true knight!