Thomas Carew

Here you will find the Poem Song. Good Counsel to a Young Maid of poet Thomas Carew

Song. Good Counsel to a Young Maid

GAZE not on thy beauty's pride, 
Tender maid, in the false tide 
That from lovers' eyes doth slide. 
Let thy faithful crystal show 
How thy colours come and go : 
Beauty takes a foil from woe. 

Love, that in those smooth streams lies 
Under pity's fair disguise, 
Will thy melting heart surprise. 

Nets of passion's finest thread, 
Snaring poems, will be spread, 
All to catch thy maidenhead. 

Then beware ! for those that cure 
Love's disease, themselves endure 
For reward a calenture. 

Rather let the lover pine, 
Than his pale cheek should assign 
A perpetual blush to thine.