Thomas Carew

Here you will find the Poem To my inconstant Mistris of poet Thomas Carew

To my inconstant Mistris

When thou, poore excommunicate 
From all the joyes of love, shalt see 
The full reward, and glorious fate, 
Which my strong faith shall purchase me, 
Then curse thine owne inconstancy.

A fayrer hand than thine, shall cure 
That heart, which thy false oathes did wound; 
And to my soul, a soul more pure 
Than thine, shall by Loves hand be bound, 
And both with equall glory crown'd.

Then shalt thou weepe, entreat, complain 
To Love, as I did once to thee; 
When all thy teares shall be as vain 
As mine were then, for thou shalt bee 
Damn'd for thy false Apostasie.