Thomas Hardy

Here you will find the Poem [Greek Title] of poet Thomas Hardy

[Greek Title]

Long have I framed weak phantasies of Thee, 
   O Willer masked and dumb! 
   Who makest Life become, - 
As though by labouring all-unknowingly, 
   Like one whom reveries numb. 

How much of consciousness informs Thy will 
   Thy biddings, as if blind, 
   Of death-inducing kind, 
Nought shows to us ephemeral ones who fill 
   But moments in Thy mind. 

Perhaps Thy ancient rote-restricted ways 
   Thy ripening rule transcends; 
   That listless effort tends 
To grow percipient with advance of days, 
   And with percipience mends. 

For, in unwonted purlieus, far and nigh, 
   At whiles or short or long, 
   May be discerned a wrong 
Dying as of self-slaughter; whereat I 
   Would raise my voice in song.