Thomas Hood

Here you will find the Poem By Eve'ry Sweet Tradition of True Hearts of poet Thomas Hood

By Eve'ry Sweet Tradition of True Hearts

By ev'ry sweet tradition of true hearts, 
Graven by Time, in love with his own lore; 
By all old martyrdoms and antique smarts, 
Wherein Love died to be alive the more; 
Yea, by the sad impression on the shore, 
Left by the drown'd Leander, to endear 
That coast for ever, where the billow's roar 
Moaneth for pity in the Poet's ear; 
By Hero's faith, and the foreboding tear 
That quench'd her brand's last twinkle in its fall; 
By Sappho's leap, and the low rustling fear 
That sigh'd around her flight; I swear by all, 
The world shall find such pattern in my act, 
As if Love's great examples still were lack'd.