Thomas Hood

Here you will find the Poem Sonnet (Written in a Volume of Shakespeare) of poet Thomas Hood

Sonnet (Written in a Volume of Shakespeare)

How bravely Autumn paints upon the sky 
The gorgeous fame of Summer which is fled! 
Hues of all flow'rs, that in their ashes lie, 
Trophied in that fair light whereon they fed,? 
Tulip, and hyacinth, and sweet rose red,? 
Like exhalations from the leafy mould, 
Look here how honor glorifies the dead, 
And warms their scutcheons with a glance of gold!? 
Such is the memory of poets old, 
Who on Parnassus' hill have bloom'd elate; 
Now they are laid under their marbles cold, 
And turned to clay, whereof they were create; 
But god Apollo hath them all enroll'd, 
And blazon'd on the very clouds of Fate!