Thomas Lovell Beddoes

Here you will find the Poem Sonnet - To Tartar, a Terrier Beauty of poet Thomas Lovell Beddoes

Sonnet - To Tartar, a Terrier Beauty

Snowdrop of dogs, with ear of brownest dye, 
Like the last orphan leaf of naked tree 
Which shudders in black autumn; though by thee, 
Of hearing careless and untutored eye, 
Not understood articulate speech of men 
Nor marked the artificial mind of books, 
-The mortal's voice eternized by the pen,- 
Yet hast thou thought and language all unknown 
To Babel's scholars; oft intensest looks, 
Long scrutiny over some dark-veined stone 
Dost thou bestow, learning dead mysteries 
Of the world's birth-day, oft in eager tone 
With quick-tailed fellows bandiest prompt replies, 
Solicitudes canine, four-footed amities.