Thomas Nashe

Here you will find the Poem Poem 2 From Pierce Penilesse of poet Thomas Nashe

Poem 2 From Pierce Penilesse

Perusing yesternight with idle eyes, 
The Fairy Singers stately tuned verse: 
And viewing after Chap-mens wonted guise, 
What strange contents the title did rehearse. 
I streight leapt ouer to the latter end, 
Where like the queint Comædians of our time, 
That when their Play is doone do fal to ryme, 
I found short lines, to sundry Nobles pend. 
Whom he as speciall Mirrours singled fourth, 
To be the Patrons of his Poetry; 
I read them all, and reuerenc't their worth, 
Yet wondred he left out thy memory. 
But therefore gest I he supprest thy name, 
Because few words might not co[m]prise thy fame.