Thomas Parnell

Here you will find the Poem A Hymn for Noon of poet Thomas Parnell

A Hymn for Noon

The sun is swiftly mounted high; 
It glitters in the southern sky; 
Its beams with force and glory beat, 
And fruitful earth is fill'd with heat. 
Father, also with Thy fire 
Warm the cold, the dead desire, 
And make the sacred love of Thee 
Within my soul a sun to me. 
Let it shine so fairly bright 
That nothing else be took for light, 
That worldly charms be seen to fade, 
And in its lustre find a shade. 
Let it strongly shine within 
To scatter all the clouds of sin, 
That drive when gusts of passion rise 
And intercept it from our eyes. 
Let its glory more than vie 
With the sun that lights the sky; 
Let it swiftly mount in air, 
Mount with that, and leave it there,
And soar with more aspiring flight 
To realms of everlasting light. 
Thus, while here I'm forc'd to be, 
I daily wish to live with Thee, 
And feel that union which Thy love 
Will, after death, complete above. 
From my soul I send my prayer; 
Great creator, bow Thine ear; 
Thou for whose propitious sway 
The world was taught to see the day, 
Who spake the word and earth begun 
And show'd its beauties in the sun; 
With pleasure I Thy creatures view, 
And would with good affection, too, 
Good affection sweetly free, 
Loose from them and move to Thee; 
O teach me due returns to give, 
And to Thy glory let me live, 
And then my days shall shine the more 
Or pass more blessed than before.