Tu Fu

Here you will find the Poem On Route from the Capital to Fengxian to Damascus of poet Tu Fu

On Route from the Capital to Fengxian to Damascus

There are many lessons of Christ holy and true
Which are hinted at in the words written by Du Pu

zhu men jiu
rou chou
lu you
dong si gu

Behind the wide red gates of the rich, food lies rotting from waste
Outside the poor lie frozen to death (neglected and emace'd)

You can learn the rest of that truth if you listen now
If you follow the narrow path: the Jesus Christ tao...

That those who horde the things of the earth
Will find those things ruined and replaced by dearth.

It is indeed an irony, that the humble poor-in-spirit
Recieve the gift of Truth by God when they listen and they hear it.

They have a greater treasure than the rich man could ever dream.
The first became the last, and the last shall reign supreme.

And here is the transcendent: That those who gather this Holy Truth
Do not deprive anyone else of the bread and elixir of heavenly youth

Yes, those rich-in-truth unlike the earthly wealthy,
Whose positions and perks are guarded by their strong and stealthy

Yes, those who have followed the straight path to His gate,
Unlike those who lock out the masses with their red iron gate

They call out to everyone to join them in their joyous eucharistic feast
Which celebrates the conquest over eternal death, which the blood of Christ released.

Irony! Red irony indeed, that Christ’s bounty rots not
Inside His narrow gates, for the poor who His salvation sought.

But the proud rich man, who ignores the love that Jesus showed,
Lies starved of truth and blessings; frozen on his own winding red road.

Du Pu (Tu Fu) was a poet from eight century China who wrote about the plight of the poor. He is revered as one of the greatest poets of China.