Vachel Lindsay

Here you will find the Poem Davy Jones' Door-Bell of poet Vachel Lindsay

Davy Jones' Door-Bell

A Chant for Boys with Manly Voices 
(Every line sung one step deeper than the line preceding)

Any sky-bird sings, 
Ring, ring! 
Any church-chime rings, 
Dong ding! 
Any cannon says, 
Boom bang! 
Any whirlwind says, 
Whing whang! 
The bell-buoy hums and roars, 
Ding dong! 
And way down deep, 
Where fishes throng, 
By Davy Jones' big deep?sea door, 
Shaking the ocean's flowery floor, 
His door-bell booms 
Dong dong, 
Dong dong, 
Deep, deep down, 
Clang boom, 
Boom dong.