Vachel Lindsay

Here you will find the Poem Incense of poet Vachel Lindsay


Think not that incense-smoke has had its day. 
My friends, the incense-time has but begun. 
Creed upon creed, cult upon cult shall bloom, 
Shrine after shrine grow gray beneath the sun. 

And mountain-boulders in our aged West 
Shall guard the graves of hermits truth-endowed: 
And there the scholar from the Chinese hills 
Shall do deep honor, with his wise head bowed. 

And on our old, old plains some muddy stream, 
Dark as the Ganges, shall, like that strange tide ? 
(Whispering mystery to half the earth) ? 
Gather the praying millions to its side, 

And flow past halls with statues in white stone 
To saints unborn to-day, whose lives of grace 
Shall make one shining, universal church 
Where all Faiths kneel, as brothers, in one place.