Vachel Lindsay

Here you will find the Poem Upon Returning to the Country Road of poet Vachel Lindsay

Upon Returning to the Country Road

Even the shrewd and bitter, 
Gnarled by the old world's greed, 
Cherished the stranger softly 
Seeing his utter need. 
Shelter and patient hearing, 
These were their gifts to him, 
To the minstrel, grimly begging 
As the sunset-fire grew dim. 
The rich said "You are welcome." 
Yea, even the rich were good. 
How strange that in their feasting 
His songs were understood! 
The doors of the poor were open, 
The poor who had wandered too, 
Who had slept with ne'er a roof-tree 
Under the wind and dew. 
The minds of the poor were open, 
Their dark mistrust was dead. 
They loved his wizard stories, 
They bought his rhymes with bread. 
Those were his days of glory, 
Of faith in his fellow-men. 
Therefore, to-day the singer 
Turns beggar once again.