Biography Valery Yaklovich Bryusov

Valery Yaklovich Bryusov

photo of Valery Yaklovich Bryusov
  • Time Period1873 - 1924
  • Place
  • CountryRussia

Poet Biography

Russian poet and writer, who significantly influenced the developing Symbolist movement in Russia. In 1894-95 Bryusov published and contributed to the composite anthology Ruskie Simvolisty (Russian symbolists), which recieved much negative attention for its alleged imitation of the French Sybolists. A one line poem included in this collection O, zakroy svoi blednye nogi (Oh viel your pale legs), brought Bryusov much noteriety. The same shock value characterised his collection of verse from 1895, Chef's d'oeuvre.
Bryusov took an active part in the publication of the journal Severnye Tsvety (Northern Flowers), the first periodical of the Russian Symbolists. His collection Urbi et Orbi (1903) is the work of a mature poet.
From 1904 to 1908, Bryusov was essentialy the head of the journal Vest (The Scales), the most important Symbolist journal, and sought to gather about himself a group of poets and to work out a program of basic poetic principles. He was already then considered one of the masters of the new poetic school, and his critical articles helped a series of young poets and writers get their start.
Of his prose, esspecialy well known is the novel Ognennyi angel, (1908, The fiery Angel translated in 1957), which concerns 16th century Germany. The nove also contains an autobiographical subtext concerning Bryusov's relationship with the poetess Nina Petrovskaya and Andrei Bely. Bryusov activelt supported the Revolution in Russia, a position reflected in his later poetry.