Biography Victor James Daley

Victor James Daley

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  • Time Period1858 - 1905
  • Place
  • CountryAustralia

Poet Biography

Victor James Daley was born in Navan, Armagh, Ireland,on 5th September, 1858;
His Father was Irish, Mother of Scottish descent.
Daley moved to Plymouth, in England, at fourteen years of age, and left there in at 22 in 1876 for Australia;whre he firstly landed in Sydney and shortly after went to Adelaide, South Australia where he worked as a clerk.

Later, he moved to Melbourne, Victoria where he became a member of the Staff of `The Carlton Advertiser'.

Later he moved toto Queanbeyan, N.S.W., and edited a paper there for five months.
Unsettled he returned to Sydney and wrote for Australian papers, principally `The Bulletin'.

Daley moved around, unsettled between Melbourne and Sydney for a few years;
until his death. in Sydney from Phthisis, on 29th December, 1905.