Wilfred Wilson Gibson

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So long had I travelled the lonely road, 
Though, now and again, a wayfairing friend 
Walked shoulder to shoulder, and lightened the load, 
I often would think to myself as I strode, 
No comrade will journey with you to the end.

And it seemed to me, as the days went past, 
And I gossiped with cronies, or brooded alone, 
By wayside fires, that my fortune was cast 
To sojourn by other men's hearths to the last, 
And never to come to my own hearthstone.

The lonely road no longer I roam. 
We met, and were one in the heart's desire. 
Together we came, through the wintry gloam, 
To the little old house by the cross-ways, home; 
And crossed the threshold, and kindled the fire.