William Cowper

Here you will find the Poem Olney Hymn 8: O Lord, I Will Praise Thee of poet William Cowper

Olney Hymn 8: O Lord, I Will Praise Thee

I will praise Thee every day 
Now Thine anger's turn'd away; 
Comfortable thoughts arise 
From the bleeding sacrifice. 

Here, in the fair gospel-field, 
Wells of free salvation yield 
Stream of life, a plenteous store, 
And my soul shall thirst no more. 

Jesus is become at length 
My salvation and my strength; 
And His praises shall prolong, 
While I live, my pleasant song. 

Praise ye, then, His glorious name, 
Publish His exalted fame! 
Still His worth your praise exceeds; 
Excellent are all His deeds. 

Raise again the joyful sound. 
Let the nations roll it round! 
Zion, shout! for this is He; 
God the Saviour dwells in thee.