William Henry Ogilvie

Here you will find the Poem As They Come of poet William Henry Ogilvie

As They Come

Right and left the leaders wheel, 
Seeking gap and gate, 
Catch his head and give him heel! 
Ride your country straight! 
Fences are by fortune made, 
Not by rule of thumb. 
Lash him at them unafraid! 
Take 'em as they come! 
Hedges may be rough and rank, 
Thick and three feet through, 
Doubled with a ditch or bank- 
What's the odds to you! 
Some are standing six feet high, 
Twined and twisted some. 
Never mind 'em! Have a fly ! 
Take 'em as they come!
Walls and stiles and cattle-gates, 
Ash and oaken rails- 
These as fashioned by the fates 
Slack the slacker's sails, 
Turn the laggard from his line, 
Turn the timid numb- 
All the better chance to shine! 
Take 'em as they come! 
When our paltry years are past, 
Triumphs and regrets, 
Whether we went slow or fast 
Soon the world forgets. 
Lucky if some friend should tell, 
Handing on your fame, 
`Good 'un! Always went like Hell ! 
Took 'em as they came!'