William Henry Ogilvie

Here you will find the Poem War Heel! of poet William Henry Ogilvie

War Heel!

Thrusters are steadying; hounds at a loss, 
Checked at the stile leading into the lane, 
Feel for it forward and feather across, 
Keen to recover their quarry again. 
Horsemen sit silently watching the pack; 
Nothing is heard but the clinking of steel, 
Then a low whimper-one hound running back- 
`'War' heel, there! 'War' heel!' 
Life's but a heart-stirring hunt at the best. 
Checked by old memories, bid them begone! 
Fling to the front with a laugh and a jest, 
All that you seek for is for'ard and on ! 
Never look backward and never repine, 
Keep with the pack as they scatter and wheel, 
Turn from the years that have trampled the line! 

'War' heel, there! 'War' heel!'