William Lisle Bowles

Here you will find the Poem IV. To the River Wenbeck of poet William Lisle Bowles

IV. To the River Wenbeck

AS slowly wanders thy forsaken stream, 
Wenbeck! the mossy-scatter'd rocks among, 
In fancy's ear still making plaintive song 
To the dark woods above: ah! sure I seem 
To meet some friendly Genius in the gloom, 
And in each breeze a pitying voice I hear 
Like sorrow's sighs upon misfortune's tomb. 
Ah! soothing are your quiet scenes -- the tear 
Of him who passes weary on his way 
Shall thank you, as he turns to bid adieu: 
Onward a cheerless pilgrim he may stray, 
Yet oft as musing memory shall review 
The scenes that cheer'd his path with fairer ray, 
Delightful haunts, he will remember you.