William Lisle Bowles

Here you will find the Poem On a Beautiful Landscape of poet William Lisle Bowles

On a Beautiful Landscape

Beautiful landscape! I could look on thee 
For hours,--unmindful of the storm and strife, 
And mingled murmurs of tumultuous life. 
Here, all is still as fair--the stream, the tree, 
The wood, the sunshine on the bank: no tear 
No thought of time's swift wing, or closing night 
Which comes to steal away the long sweet light, 
No sighs of sad humanity are here. 

Here is no tint of mortal change--the day 
Beneath whose light the dog and peasant-boy 
Gambol with look, and almost bark, of joy-- 
Still seems, though centuries have passed, to stay. 
Then gaze again, that shadowed scenes may teach 
Lessons of peace and love, beyond all speech.