William Vaughn Moody

Here you will find the Poem The Bracelet of Grass of poet William Vaughn Moody

The Bracelet of Grass

The opal heart of afternoon 
Was clouding on to throbs of storm, 
Ashen within the ardent west 
The lips of thunder muttered harm, 
And as a bubble like to break 
Hung heaven's trembling amethyst, 
When with the sedge-grass by the lake 
I braceleted her wrist. 

And when the ribbon grass was tied, 
Sad with the happiness we planned, 
Palm linked in palm we stood awhile 
And watched the raindrops dot the sand; 
Until the anger of the breeze 
Chid all the lake's bright breathing down, 
And ravished all the radiancies 
From her deep eyes of brown. 

We gazed from shelter on the storm, 
And through out hearts swept ghostly pain 
To see the shards of day sweep past, 
Broken, and none might mend again. 

Broken, that none shall ever mend; 
Loosened, that none shall ever tie. 
O the wind and the wind, will it never end? 
O the sweeping past of the ruined sky!