William Wilfred Campbell

Here you will find the Poem In My Study, of poet William Wilfred Campbell

In My Study,

Out over my study, 
 All ashen and ruddy, 
Sinks the December sun; 
 And high up over 
 The chimney?s soot cove, 
The winter night wind has begun. 

 Here in the red embers 
 I dream old Decembers, 
Until the low moan of the blast, 
 Like a voice out of Ghost-land, 

 Or memory?s lost-land, 
Seems to conjure up wraiths of the past. 

 Then into the room 
 Through the firelight and gloom, 
Some one steals,?let the night-wind grow bleak, 

 And ever so coldly,? 
 Two white arms enfold me, 
And a sweet face is close to my cheek