William Henry Ogilvie

Here you will find the Poem The Right Sort of poet William Henry Ogilvie

The Right Sort

We have hustled that litter in Heatherlie Whin, 
Two crouch in the bracken, two dodge in the corn, 
But the fifth one as swift as the shadow of sin 
Was away when he heard the first note of the horn. 
He skimmed the broad meadow in front of us all 
With his brush in the air and his mask to the moor, 
Looking back with a grin from the top of the wall 
Ere he dropped to the heather cool, safe, and secure. 
His brothers and sisters will fall by the way; 
They'll be harried and headed and chopped in a ride; 
But this one will live for a galloping day 
And lead us and pound us and scatter us wide.
Let him travel! ? a good one. We?ll meet him again
When the fields in the dusk of December are dressed;
We shall need all our courage to follow him then,
When he steals o?er the open, a fox of the best.