Yehudah HaLevi

Here you will find the Poem Marriage Song of poet Yehudah HaLevi

Marriage Song

Fair is my dove, my loved one, 
None can with her compare: 
Yea, comely as Jerusalem, 
Like unto Tirzah fair. 

Shall she in tents unstable 
A wanderer abide, 
While in my heart awaits her 
A dwelling deep and wide? 

The magic of her beauty 
Has stolen my heart away: 
Not Egypt's wise enchanters 
Held half such wondrous sway. 

Even as the changing opal 
In varying luster glows, 
Her face at every moment 
New charms and sweetness shows. 

White lilies and red roses 
There blossom on one stem: 
Her lips of crimson berries 
Tempt mine to gather them. 

By dusky tresses shaded 
Her brow gleams fair and pale, 
Like to the sun at twilight, 
Behind a cloudy veil. 

Her beauty shames the day-star, 
And makes the darkness light: 
Day in her radiant presence 
Grows seven times more bright. 

This is a lonely lover! 
Come, fair one, to his side, 
That happy be together 
The bridegroom and the bride! 

The hour of love approaches 
That shall make one of twain: 
Soon may be thus united 
All Israel's hosts again!