Zora Bernice May Cross

Here you will find the Poem Girl-Gladness of poet Zora Bernice May Cross


It?s holiday time on the hollyhock hills, 
And I wish you would come with me laddie-love, now,
The butterfly-bells, from the Folly-fool rills, 
Will ring if you listen, and drop on your brow. 
So, dear come along, 
I?ve a kiss and a song, 
And I know where the fairies are forging a gong 
To ring up the elves to a festival fair
Of snippets of sunshine and apples of air. 
O laddie, my laddie, quick, run out of school, 
And away with a shout and a shake of the head; 
I?ll pick you a pearl from the pigeon-pink pool 
Where cuddles and kisses are going to bed, 
Away, come away To the lands of the fay, 
For the afternoon tinkles your lassie-love?s lay. 
Play truant with Time, and while Age is asleep 
I?ll give you the heart of my girlhood to keep.