The Analysis of The Rose That Grew From Concrete By Tupac Shakur

The Background
"The Rose That Grew From Concrete" is a poem composed by Tupac Shakur. It also exists as a poetic album released in 2000. The composer, Tupac was a famous American actor and rapper who is popularly referred to as "2pac". He was the best-selling music artist in his time.

The Structure
The poem is written in 8 lines. There’s apparent lack of rhyme scheme in it. The poet used symbols and other literary devices in conveying his message.

The Meaning
"The Rose That Grew From Concrete" is not actually talking about the rose flower and the concrete. The Rose symbolizes a man while the concrete stands for the ghetto. There’s no way a rose flower would grow from a concrete. This means that it’s very hard for a man to survive the hard life of the ghetto and also makes something out of himself. Nevertheless, man can still survive if he’s ready to swim against the nature’s law. Actually, the nature’s law says that no one is expected to survive life in the ghetto. But man can prove this law wrong if he’s ready to push through life. Man has to keep his dreams and goals alive in order to survive the harsh realities of life. He should also be very confident in his own abilities in order to reach his goals. If man continues to persevere, he’ll get to a place far away from the ghetto where he’ll never face problems anymore. He’ll then be able to achieve his goals and aspirations.

In all, the poem is a true reflection of what Tupac, the writer experienced in life. He passed through a lot in life and still made it despite the challenges. He focused on his dreams and ended up becoming a popular world-class rapper. The theme of the poem is all about having goals and reaching them in life despite the challenges. Hope is also a unique theme portrayed in the poem. Man must continue to work harder with the hope of reaching his goals one day as life goes on.

The Summary
"The Rose That Grew From Concrete" is a poem composed by Tupac Shakur. It portrays how man can survive the harsh realities of life by remaining focused to his goals despite the challenges.