The Analysis of We Wear the Mask By Paul Laurence Dunbar

The Background
"We Wear the Mask" is a poem written by the African-American poet namely, Paul Laurence Dunbar. It was published in 1896. It mainly focused on the issue of racism that existed during his time. Here we tried to provide The Analysis of We Wear the Mask By Paul Laurence Dunbar.

The Structure
The poem is written in 3 varying stanzas with unique rhyme scheme. The first stand has 5 lines; the second has 4 lines while the third has 6 lines. The poet used alliterations, repetitions, figurative language and other literary devices in communicating his message. Also please find the recitation of this poem here.

The Meaning
"We Wear the Mask" focuses mainly on the issue of racism faced by many African-Americans like the poet himself. Dunbar uses the pronoun "we" to express the collective sufferings of the black people of his time. He speaks about the plight of the entire black race living in American during his time. He goes on to express fierce anger concerning the discrimination meted against them. They are forced to mask their true angry emotions with a smile. The poet goes ahead to recall how the black race cried unto Christ for assistance. The white race and the rest of the world ignored their cries. They failed to recognize the black people and their struggle for equal rights. Towards the last line of the poem, the poet says that their efforts towards the struggle yield no result. Hence, the black people will continue to put on the masks.

From all indication, there’s a blatant tone of despair, sadness and anger in the poem. The poet actually shows his anger of having to hide his real emotions.

In all, the black race especially the African-Americans suffered a great deal during the slavery period. They also suffered discrimination even when the slave trade was abolished. The poem captures the sad feelings of the black people as they kept struggling for their rights.

The Summary
We Wear the Mask" is a poem written by Paul Laurence Dunbar. It explores the racial discrimination of African- Americans in the olden days and during the slave trade period.