The Interpretation of A Clear Midnight By Walt Whitman

The Background
"A Clear Midnight" is a short poem composed by Walt Whitman. It’s the last poem in a section of the 7th edition of "Leaves of Grass" published in 1881. Here you will find the interpretation of this famous poem by walt whitman.

The Structure
The poem is A clear Midnight was written in a short verse of 42 words. It has a reverent anticipation tone. The poet used metaphor in communicating his message. You could also understand the structure more by visiting recitation of a clear midnight

The Meaning
The message of the short poem is very clear. The title "A Clear Midnight" refers to the moment of transition that happens from one day to the next. The moment is used as a metaphor from changing from corporeal existence to the spiritual existence.

The poet sees the clock time as an invention of man. He sees it as an artificial means of measuring eternity. Man uses it to feel himself as he likes. In any case, the poet maintains that man requires a transition from the corporeal realm into the spiritual realm in order to embrace the full reality of eternal life. The midnight described by the poet is more than ordinary moment of transition. It’s simply a clear moment. There’s nothing hidden in it. There’s also nothing to fear regarding it.

The poet’s soul is nurtured in the physical realm and hence, it’s ready to move to the next spiritual realm. The actual moment for the transition is cherished. In the next spiritual realm, the poet believes that his soul will think on themes that cannot be understood in the physical realm.

In all, the short poem is very comforting. It simply depicts a natural transition from corporeal existence into the spiritual realm.