Summary and Interpretation of "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" – A Poem written by William Wordsworth

"I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" is a lyric poem written by William Wordsworth. The poem is also referred to as "The Daffodils". Wordsworth was inspired to write the poem when he and the sister came across a long belt of daffodils near a lake in April, 15, 1802. He tries to describe their experience during the walk. Later on, the poem was first published in 1807. Its revised version came out in 1815. The poem is interpreted by different poets at different times with more or less similar summary.

The poem is written in 4 stanzas of 6 lines. Each stanza has a unique rhyme scheme. The first line rhymes with the third while the second rhymes with the fourth. The first 3 stanzas describe Wordsworth’s experience during the walk he had with his sister while the last stanza describes the memory of the walk experience.

Interpretation & Summary
The title of the poem, "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" portrays a clear message. The poet describes his wandering to be like a cloud that floats above the valleys and hills. Actually he came across a large filed of daffodils near a lake as he wandered with his sister. He was amazed at the endless fluttering of the flowers as well as the dancing waves. He discovered that the daffodils also danced and even danced better than the waves. He was very happy to be around such a wonderful scene and was wondering the kind of wealth the scenario might bring to his direction. After the experience, the poet still allowed the memory to flash back especially when he felt lonely, pensive and pale. By so doing, his mind was always refreshed and filled with pleasure despite the reality of his loneliness.
From the above, the interpretation of the poem is that there’s always the possibility of remaining happy in life even when you’re lonely or when you’re passing through challenges. One can still be comforted by remembering a pleasurable event that has happened in the past. The poem portrays the fact that one is actually never alone in life. There’s always a real connection to a higher power and nature available. A lonely individual can always allow the memories of pleasurable moments to dominate him or her whether he or she feels pale and troubled. The poem is a romantic piece that can bless a lonely heart when it’s well understood. One doesn’t need to die in loneliness when there’s a lot to enjoy and gain from nature.