Amy Lowell

Here you will find the Poem Apples of Hesperides of poet Amy Lowell

Apples of Hesperides

Glinting golden through the trees, 
Apples of Hesperides! 
Through the moon-pierced warp of night 
Shoot pale shafts of yellow light, 
Swaying to the kissing breeze 
Swings the treasure, golden-gleaming, 
Apples of Hesperides! 

Far and lofty yet they glimmer, 
Apples of Hesperides! 
Blinded by their radiant shimmer, 
Pushing forward just for these; 
Dew-besprinkled, bramble-marred, 
Poor duped mortal, travel-scarred, 
Always thinking soon to seize 
And possess the golden-glistening 
Apples of Hesperides! 

Orbed, and glittering, and pendent, 
Apples of Hesperides! 
Not one missing, still transcendent, 
Clustering like a swarm of bees. 
Yielding to no man's desire, 
Glowing with a saffron fire, 
Splendid, unassailed, the golden 
Apples of Hesperides!